Mission Statement

The Stonegait Institute’s mission is to empower activists and advocates to challenge abuses of authority through reporting, training, and advocacy.

About Us

People are fed up with government in this country.

State, local, and federal governments are more concerned with taking as much money out of their citizens’ pocket as they can to support inefficient and unnecessary pet projects than valuing the personal liberty and economic freedoms that made this country great. While policing has become more about profit than enforcing the law, politicians are hamstringing small businesses with insane regulatory actions and high taxes, crushing innovation and competition that would otherwise empower the American people.

The Stonegait Institute’s mission is to empower activists and advocates through reporting, training, and advocacy, to ensure that the important values of personal liberty and economic freedom remain in the forefront of the national conscience. Our goal is reducing unnecessary governmental intrusion into our lives and to ensure that our Constitutional rights are protected against the greedy and authoritarian abuses perpetrated by some of our leaders.

The nonprofit reporting program exposes abuses of power by making stories that would otherwise be overlooked part of the national conversation. We benefit the public by making our stories free for publication by other approved outlets, carrying on the proud tradition of the free press and its role of educating the public about the actions of those in power.

Additionally we provide training and resources to those who want to make a difference in their community. Grassroots campaigns are capable of making real change, but they are often hamstrung by lack of resources and training. We connect motivated people with the expertise they need to bring local activism to the next level.

The Stonegait Institute also engages in direct advocacy. We provide model legislation about important issues and help other organizations with their advocacy efforts.