Chicago Public Schools Spend $40,000 Sending Letter Complaining About Budget to Parents

A battle of words is playing out in Chicago after Chicago Public School (CPS) officials sent home a letter to all 381,000 students in the system accusing Republican Governor Bruce Rauner of “cheating” children out of an education by not giving the school system $215 million.

The letter, which ignores the enormous role Democrats played in the state’s budget problem, starts by saying, “Governor Bruce Rauner, just like President Trump, has decided to attack those who need the most help. Governor Rauner and President Trump regularly attack Chicago because they hope to score political points.”

The letter goes on to say:

“Governor Rauner’s decision to take $215 million from CPS forces us to make some tough choices. You will not like these cuts. We don’t like them either. In fact, we are very, very angry that we have to make them.”

Considering that printing a single sheet of black and white paper costs, at minimum, $.05 per page and that this was a two-page letter, it seems disingenuous to make the claim that CPS is being forced to make hard decisions when they spent close to $40,000 to make a political statement.

Read the letter for yourself and let us know if you think that spending the equivalent of an entry-level teaching position on printing it and sending it home with students was an appropriate use of tax dollars:

cps-letter1-post letter-crop

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