Backlash in Flint

il_570xn-222856831One thing good thing about bad governments is the uprising that follows their bad decisions. Fortunately for Flint, Michigan residents, the citizens are stepping up to ensure that current council members do not retain their seats.

Filing petitions for local office are due on the 25th of April, 2017, but per local sources, “As of 4 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 2, the city clerk’s office has given out 52 petitions for city council seats in Flint’s nine wards.”

Flint residents are undoubtedly and justly outraged by their government’s incompetence when it comes to their ongoing water crisis. The city council has an incredible amount of burden to bear, allegedly ignoring water safety standards and incorrectly responding to the crisis.

Michigan voter registration increased by over 10,000 people since 2012.

Flint hasn’t been the only place citizens are taking a more active approach in activism. An estimated 3 million people in 637 locations worldwide participated in Women’s Marches against Trump and in solidarity with numerous smaller causes – a mobilization of individuals we arguably haven’t seen the likes of since the pre – Obama anti – War movement.

Interesting enough, third parties – especially the Libertarian Party have also seen increased participation, donors, and voter registration. The push for a third party became obvious during the 2016 General Election, as the two major candidates were seen as unfavorable by most voters, and that will likely continue as a trend as a national poll by Quinnipiac University in taken in August found 60% of Millennials said they’d consider voting third-party the 2016 election.

The Libertarian Party engaged in its first ever national voter registration drive this election, and is now engaged in a nationwide campaign to increase party membership.

But one thing is common throughout these examples: people are unhappy with their governments. With Trump and Republicans now in power across the country, opposition is rising, and governments will likely see very organized and large opposition in 2017 municipal and elections and 2018 midterm elections.

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