Bounty Hunter or Barber? A Look at State Laws


Do you live in Idaho and want to do something besides pick potatoes? Well, as it turns out, becoming a bounty hunter is one of the easiest professions to get into, so long as you are a legal resident and of legal age, you can feel free to go hunt for people skipping trial for a profit.

While it is so easy to become a bounty hunter in the Gem State, how hard is it to become, say, become a barber?

To become a barber in In Idaho, you need 900 hours of barber training from a barber college or 1800 hours to be a barber, or barber – stylist, respectively.

Here’s a look at some other states:

But Idaho is not the worst state when it comes to odd or otherwise tedious barber licensing:

  • 1452357161519In Pennsylvania one must complete 1250 hours of training at a barber college or a licensed barber, pass barber theory tests, and pay $150 to the state in fees. There are no laws or legislation regarding the licensing of bounty hunters in Pennsylvania except obtaining a Basic Application for Agent Certification form, a $77.50 fee.
  • In Alabama one must complete 1000 hours of barber college training, or 2000 hours of training with a barber who has been licensed for at least 5 years and worked at a barber shop for two years, before passing an examination and paying the state multiple licensing fees. In order to be a bounty hunter in Alabama, one must be a resident, have a sufficient financial net worth to satisfy the financial obligations of the business, and have not been convicted of a felony or a crime involving moral turpitude.
  • In South Carolina, one must complete a 1528-hour barber school, then must obtain a license from the government to become an apprentice, and then must take a barber examination (plus fees). Applicants to work as a bounty hunter in South Carolina must complete twenty hours of education and pass a written exam.
  • In Massachusetts, one must complete 1000 hours of barber school, then become a licensed apprentice barber, then work for a barber for 18 months, before being allowed to take a barber examination. Massachusetts does not have laws on the books about licensing bounty hunters, although legislation is pending.
  • In Iowa, one must complete 2100 hours of training at a barber school, and then take an online test. To become a bounty in Iowa, you must get fingerprinted, pay $140 for a license and ID card, be able to put up a surety bond of at least $5,000, and have proof of liability insurance.
  • In California one can go to barber school for 1500 hours or can spend 2 years (3,200 hours, plus another 200 hours of classroom instruction) as an apprentice. One must then apply for a license (and give the fee of course), and then take an examination. In order to become a bounty hunter in California, one must take 12 hours worth of classes, pass an exam and pay $118.

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